In the Studio at Clamsville


Clear Sailin

I co-wrote this with Chris Hillman (Byrds) and Rick Roberts (Firefall).  It was the title track on one of Chris’ solo albums.  On tour with the Charm Kings during this period.

Clear Salin mug shot0001

The Charm Kings

Larry Sims – John Brennen – Al Garth

Richard Marx – Chris Hillman – Merel Bregante- Skip Edwards – Joe Lala


Richard at Mejico

This was a great Sunday hanging out with Freddie Duran.



Work in Progress – Fingerdango

This is an instrumental with a latin feel.  Fun to write.


Plastics in the ocean

Ocean CleanupThis 21-year old found a way to clean up our planet’s oceans.

Posted by HuffPost Green on Thursday, February 11, 2016


Wild West Festival

Three days in October with Dan McCorison.

DM_RBM Closeup_1


Here’s a Western Story Song – Man On The Run

Wild West 4


Another Rodeo